Castañera Serrana, S.C.A. is a cooperative venture  dedicated to the totally natural cleaning, sterilization and marketing of  fresh chestnuts. The cooperative was founded in the early 80’s, and presently has more   than 280 active partners,  within the "Sierra de Aracena and  Picos de Aroche natural park", which contains about 3.000 chestnut trees and an   average total  production of around one million kg.
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Castañera Serrana  sterilizes chestnuts in a   completely natural way, using water at different temperatures, without the use of  chemical agents which can affect the  the final product. Devoted mainly to the   export of fresh sterilized chestnuts, We are present in major U.S. markets, as well as in  Canada, Brazil and the European Union.

In perfect harmony with the environment of the Sierra de  Huelva, with over 75 partners in organic production,  this cooperative is a pioneer in the field of  ecological chestnuts.

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